What is Child and Adolescent Psychology?

Child and Adolescent Psychologists are accredited Clinical Psychologists who specialise in working with children, adolescents and their families. Child Psychologists help children and young people with a range of emotional and behavioural problems – including everything from depression and anxiety to eating problems, trauma and aggression.

Sometimes they work individually with the young person, sometimes with the parents, and sometimes with the whole family. Child and Adolescent Psychologists use a range of assessment methods to try to understand the cause of the difficulties, what’s keeping them going, and how to best support the child and family. These might include discussions, questionnaires or observations of the child in different settings. They can then use this information as a basis for providing interventions to help address the difficulties.


Dr Helen Fairchild

Dr Helen Fairchild is an experienced Clinical Psychologist who has worked in the NHS and charity sector for over 10 years. She specialises in working with children, adolescents and families, and is trained to help with problems such as depression, low self-esteem, obsessive-compulsive disorder, panic, social anxiety, poor sleep, self-harm, anger and behavioural difficulties. Helen has a large amount of experience working with young people on the autism spectrum or with other neurodevelopmental disorders such as ADHD or learning difficulties.

01454 228925

Dr Rachel Gillibrand

I am an experienced psychologist and hypnotherapist and I work with both children (6yrs - 18yrs) and adults. I am happy to work on a range of concerns such as anger management, anxiety (general anxiety or anxiety worsened by school or work), poor sleeping patterns, low mood and depression, and also to help resolve personal trauma.

01934 623062

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