What is a Foot Health Practitioner?

A Foot Health Practitioner is similar to a chiropodist or a podiatrist and helps to keep peoples feet healthy and gives advice on day to day foot care to ensure they are well maintained. As we are living longer, more care is needed to keep our feet healthy and comfortable. The human foot is one of the most complex and neglected parts of our body. Every step we take places 2.5 times our own body weight on the 26 bones that make up each foot. It has been estimated that we can walk up to three times around the planet in our lifetime. The foot is highly sensitive, and can suffer from wear and tear or damage when injured or stressed beyond its capability.

A Foot Health Practitioner helps to keep our feet healthy and well maintained and can typically treat the following conditions:

  • Athlete’s foot
  • Remove corns
  • Remove hard skin
  • Treat chilblains
  • Advise on gout
  • Cut in-growing toenails
  • Manage verruca’s
  • Help sweaty feet
  • Ease the pain of arthritis
  • Manage the problem of poor-fitting shoes
  • Ease foot ulcers
  • Resolve the problems caused by damage inflicted by running and playing sports
  • Ease foot ulcers
Sorry we currently have no available practitioners

Sorry we currently have no available practitioners

Please accept our apologies. We do not currently have any therapists offering this service. However, we are actively looking for experienced, registered practitioners in this field to join our close knit professional team. Please check back with us soon for an update. If you are a Therapist interested in filling this position please click here to read more.

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