Attachment, Behaviour and Relationships - Full Day Workshop with Dr Rachel Gillibrand

Sunday 24th November 2019

When we are working with children and young people, we may notice the bond between the child and the parent and this often makes us think, how does the relationship between the parent and the child affect the child and does it subsequently explain or alter their behaviour? The same is true of the adults we work with. When we are working with adult clients, we hear about their upbringing and the relationships they are in currently or have been in before they came to see us. We often ask ourselves, can these relationships change us and can we change the relationships?

This CPD is going to:

1. Teach you all about attachment, the emotional bond between a child and their parent: What is it? How do we measure it? What does it look like? What are the different types?

2. Show you what your attachment type means now that you are an adult.

3. Show you how to pick up on attachment types in others.

4. Show you how the different attachment types reveal themselves in adult relationships.

5. Show you what might happen when two people of different attachment types form a relationship with each other.

6. Reflection on our own experiences.

7. Reflection on the experiences of our clients.

8. Think about how to work with parents and couples using this knowledge.

This CPD is going to add depth to your working practice with children and teens and when working with adults and couples addressing relationship concerns. We are also going to learn a lot about ourselves as well as our partners, our relationships and of course, how to sort out conflict and resolve issues. Throughout this CPD we are going to be demonstrating how an understanding of the importance of our early parenting experiences underpins our behaviour as children, teenagers and adults. We will then consider how to apply this understanding within the solution focused approach.

This workshop is appropriate for anyone who works with children and young people.

The cost of this full day CPD is £80.00 which includes refreshments, a delicious locally sourced buffet and all accompanying notes. To book your place please email Dr Rachel Gillibrand at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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