Karen Foxwell

The Old Rectory Clinic - Iron Acton, Bristol

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Having practised various types of yoga for many years when Karen discovered Kundalini Yoga she recognised it as the one for her.

Karen trained as a Kundalini Yoga instructor with i-SKY and was teaching in West London until moving to the West Country in 2014. She believes that stretching the body, mastering a complicated asana or working up a sweat are not the goals of Kundalini Yoga. Instead, the aim is one of personal growth with positive energy. This is a yoga available to everyone, regardless of age or physical ability.

Kundalini Yoga was introduced to the West in 1968 by Yogi Bhajan. Known as the ‘yoga of awareness’, Kundalini Yoga also works to increase vitality, strengthen the immune system and enjoy greater stamina and flexibility.

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Level One Kundalini Instructor

Old Rectory Clinic - Bristol

The Old Rectory Clinic in Iron Acton is conveniently located with easy access from Yate, Chipping Sodbury, Frampton Cotterell, Coalpit Heath, Winterbourne, Westerleigh, Thornbury and the surrounding areas.

The Old Rectory Clinic is a 'Practitioner Direct Clinic'. This means that clients and patients are able to contact their practitioners and therapists directly by telephone, text and by email. Please follow the relevant links to find your practitioners or therapist's contact details.

Class Fees: £8 per session


Monday: (6.10pm - 7.10pm) + (7.30pm - 8.30pm)

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Phone: 07966 090062


The Old Rectory Clinic
High Street
Iron Acton
BS37 9UQ

Karen Foxwell

Wellbeing Class Timetable

All Yoga, Pilates and Meditation Classes £8 per session

Day Class Time Contact
Monday Vinyasa Yoga 9.30am & 10:30am Natasha Kembrey
07826 528649
Monday Kundalini Yoga 6.10pm & 7:30pm Karen Foxwell
07966 090062
Tuesday Pilates 9.45am & 11.00am Liza Bennett
07769 654562
Wednesday Hatha Yoga 9.30am & 10:30am Natasha Kembrey
07826 528649
Wednesday Pilates 6:15pm Bryony Harris
07481 348530
Thursday Pilates 10.00am & 11.15am Karen Mayor
07427 628282
Thursday Hatha Yoga 1.30pm Travis Roth
07966 773456
Thursday Meditation 7.00pm Jo Jones
07970 686201
Friday Pilates 10.00am & 11.15am Karen Mayor
07427 628282