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At The Old Rectory Clinic we believe in the importance of wellbeing for both mind and body. This can be achieved through guided, supportive classes which are suited to individual needs. In the current climate we are able to offer a small selection of classes outside in the grounds of the clinic on a seasonal basis taught by our highly qualified and experienced instructors in a comfortable, safe space in which to explore the body and mind. These include Yoga, Pilates and Sound Therapy. We keep our classes deliberately small so we are able to provide an individual and tailored approach for all ages and abilities.

Class timetable

What can pilates help with?

Pilates exercises helps to strengthen the muscles that support and stabilise the core postural muscles of your body to improve strength, general fitness and wellbeing. The exercises work by building strength from the inside out. Rebalancing posture, improving muscle tone, balance and joint mobility and bringing the body into correct alignment. Pilates has something to offer men and women of all ages, all abilities and fitness levels.


Liza Bennett

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I have seen just how effective Pilates can be in not only helping the rehabilitation process, but also as a helpful adjunct to the prevention of injury. Many of my clients newly introduced to Pilates appreciate the beneficial effects of the technique, from improvement of posture to regaining more mobility and freedom of movement.

Phone: 07769 654562

Outdoor Wellbeing Class Timetable

Day Class Time Contact
Tuesday Pilates 10:00am-11.00am 11:15am-12:15pm Liza Bennett
07769 654562
Friday Hatha Yoga 10:00am - 11:00am Natasha Kembrey
07826 528649