What is Allergy and Intolerance Testing?

An allergic reaction or intolerance can make you feel extremely unwell and may have a huge impact on your work and social life. Our registered Nutritional Therapist carries out allergy and intolerance testing and can help you to decide if you require a test. However, an allergy gives an immediate reaction to its allergen so most people find that they have it for life. An intolerance may not cause any symptoms for up to a few days and is something that hopefully can be overcome with nutritional support.

Whether you have an allergy test or an intolerance test done, each will involve a blood test either through a skin prick which can be done in the clinic, at home or by visiting your GP Surgery if you require a blood draw. The blood is then sent to the laboratory for testing and the results are returned to the therapist for analysis. The Nutritional Therapist will present the results to you and together will design a personal plan to eliminate any allergies/intolerances from your diet as well as healing, calming and supporting your digestive system. This plan will be created around your lifestyle and environment helping you to achieve your health goals and start looking good and feeling better.

Julie Wilkins

Julie Wilkins

I am a qualified Nutritional Therapist and a member of the Federation of Holistic Therapists. I stumbled across nutritional therapy 12 years ago when looking for answers to my own health issues. Having suffered with chronic Irritable Bowel Syndrome - IBS for several years, the medication I'd been given by the Doctor helped to relieve the painful symptoms, but I wasn't getting any better. In fact the IBS attacks were getting more frequent and the tablets were getting less effective. After six weeks under the guidance of a Nutritional Therapist, the IBS attacks stopped and I came off the medication. It was so simple and effective, I wanted to share with others the body’s amazing ability to heal given the right nutrients.

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